About Us

"If you change nothing, nothing will change."

About Us

A fresh pair of eyes often provides a different perspective and the chance to impartially reappraise and evaluate. At best a fresh approach can save you time and money, at worst you have lost nothing apart from peace of mind.

As an experienced & informed specialist team with an unrivalled track record of delivering solutions it is not so much who we do what we do it for ,that sets us apart ,but the range and impact of the advice that we offer.

Using a unique suite of proprietary software, years of experience and a comprehensive network of contacts we are able to significantly improve visibility, reduce waste, reduce cost, improve utilisation and improve overall performance.

With over 25 years' experience of running and advising fleets we are 100% independent whose only remit is to identify and implement ways to help make fleets financially and operationally slicker.

Being able to draw on specialist advice from both sides of the procurement, funding and fleet management spectrum we are uniquely placed to provide a different perspective.

From day to day help, to fleet-wide strategic reviews, re-negotiating with suppliers, to benchmarking & procurement advice savings of up to 35% is not untypical. From build through to end of life value management, WLTP, from tyres to telematics and everything in between our job is to examine and where necessary make recommendations to take cost out without comprising on the requirement across the life of the asset. We save businesses thousands of pounds and in 9 out of 10 cases we are certain that we will be able to save you money.

Whether cost reduction or cost avoidance we offer a unique fleet centric focus and solutions to many of the challenges that you face today.

Fleet ForensIQs TM

  • FleetforensIQs TM are experienced fleet management experts who specialise in helping businesses with all aspects of running a Fleet.

  • FleetforensIQs TM offer a bespoke and pioneering approach to fleet management that in certain instances are often Free of Charge.

  • From day to day support to fleet wide reviews FleetforensIQs TM are able to identify, implement and make improvements that save clients time & money.

  • From advice and help with commissioning of vehicles through to end of life decommissioning FleetforensIQs TM examine What you buy, How you buy and How much you pay when you do buy to get you best fit and best value across the entire life of the asset.

  • From Housing Associations to High Street Supermarkets FleetforensIQs TM offer Fleets a unique mix of services whatever the scope and scale.

With no up-front costs and a 90 day free trial
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