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This is Dave.
Dave has run out of charge because he does not have the infrastructure network that he needs to support his EV requirements.
Don’t be like Dave.


Whatever the motivation to switch from fossil fuels to electric vehicles there are significant operational, environmental and commercial benefits.

In a world of diminishing fossil fuels, increased environmental concerns and increasing energy costs our attention is understandably drawn towards a search for alternative sources of energy that are Leaner, Cleaner & Greener and it is against this backdrop that we are seeing an increasing transition towards fleet electrification.

However, whatever the reasons, one of the biggest challenges for fleet electrification is ‘range anxiety’ and access to a widespread charging and re-charging infrastructure network. Without the ability to charge and re-charge vehicles the plan falls flat. Do you have the infrastructure in place to support your transition towards Electric vehicles? Are you looking to develop your EV infrastructure? We can help.

What We Do

Are you looking to develop your EV charging stations infrastructure?

We provide an unrivalled suite of charging stations whatever the application, requirement, scope & scale of the requirement. We combine specialist knowledge and in-house installation teams to provide an all-encompassing integrated solution for organisations wishing to provide convenient, easy to use and competitively priced on-site EV charging points for use by your visitors, clients, employees, and/or staff.

We focus on supporting you, the EV Charging provider. Regardless of your location or the local infrastructure capabilities, we have tailored solutions to meet your requirements. Your staff and /or customers can then benefit from convenient charging at competitive pricing.

  • We provide a ‘full scope of service' meaning we take of everything from planning to handover.
  • Capitalise on electrification by taking advantage of usage fees, incentives, and carbon offsets.
  • Easy billing at your fingertips. Plus, access to insightful, real-time energy usage data
  • Create a positive environmental impact with our sustainability expertise and technology
  • We will support you at all times and will keep you informed at all stages of the process. Our team is committed to providing long-term support

Our Services - What We Do

Planning & Design

The first phase of your journey with us begins with the electrical planning and design for the installation. We’ll work with you to map out the infrastructure required for the EV charging stations and then we’ll provide a detailed feasibility plan which will include architectural drawings, procurement, timelines and budget. Now the plan is set in motion.

OCPP EV Chargers and Installation

Aligned with your unique infrastructure plan, our highly-trained and experienced electricians will install and integrate your EV charging stations. Through the installation process, we provide the highest quality chargers suited for your project (EVC Level II or DCFC). After the installation is complete, our team will continue to support and maintain your electric vehicle chargers — for as long as you need.

Network Operations

With your EV charging stations installed, we then connect you to our proprietary EV-IV Network, granting you oversight and control over the usage of your electric car chargers. Through the EV-IV app, you will have access to billing management, power sharing, EV mobile charging and energy curtailment at your fingertips.

Sustainability Planning

We are the only EV integration company that proactively partners with clients to achieve their Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) goals. Through environmental planning, low-carbon fuel credits, and energy analytics, we strive to deliver and support our commercial and residential clients’ needs for today and for the future.

The Next Step - The Roadmap

Our Funding Options

Option 1 – The Power Purchase Agreement (PPA)

  • PPA is a flexible finance plan enabling you to purchase your solar system with no capital outlay whatsoever. The equipment and service is funded through the power you generate.
  • From 8p/kwh on a 25 year agreement*, you will take advantage of significantly cheaper electricity reducing your costs and improving your profit position.
  • After the contract term, the system ownership passes to the contract owner at which point your electricity is completely free.
  • Your Solar Power System is installed, serviced and maintained at no cost to you for a term of up to 25 years.
  • Take advantage of significant carbon reduction and a receive a report on your carbon savings that you can post and insert into your Sustainability policy and report.
  • Most systems are permitted developments, so no planning permission is required

*Annual index increases at 4%

Option 2 – Self Financing

Self-financing is an increasingly popular option purchasing commercial solar panels. This option means that your energy is free after installation and therefore the best financial returns over the lifetime of a renewable energy system.

Many businesses will be eligible to offset up to £100,000 of their investment in tax concessions through the annual investment allowance. We, as part of our consultancy-led service, will help you plan your financing arrangements and investigate your entitlements.

Option 3 – Asset Finance

We have partnered with a number of well established finance houses and has long standing relationships with these finance companies. We will negotiate your asset finance arrangements to ensure you obtain market leading options and rates.

In most cases, your asset finance payments will be less than your electricity savings meaning that you will be in a cash positive position as soon as the installation is completed.

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