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"Too much of something can be as bad as too little."

What does your data tell you? A lot? Nothing?

Monitor fleet performance at the touch of a button with clear and detailed dashboard of all your key metrics.

This is Dave

Dave is happy because he has solved one of his biggest headaches - too much data.

Dave uses FleetForensIQs.

Be like Dave.

Are you being swamped with too much data? You have it in abundance yet probably only use a fraction of it. The fundamental problem for today's fleets is that they have too much data but not enough ‘intelligence.'

If you cannot see it you cannot manage it. The biggest challenge is the conversion of data into meaningful information. Lots of businesses are offering you data but what fleets need is 'intelligence'.

To get what you need from the technology its all a question of having the right data not the most amount data. We can help you.

Vehicles today are actually very sophisticated data platforms generating, transmitting, and receiving a mass of digital data. Without aggregation, integration or interpretation there is often duplication of workload, ambiguity, uncertainty and no clear insight of trends.

FleetforensIQsTM  will aggregate all of your data into a single easy to manage accessible dashboard of all the key metrics that you need at the press of a button.

We ‘grab', convert, process, harmonise and rationalise all of your data into clear and detailed bespoke dashboards replacing the unmanageable with clear and detailed information that can be fleetwide, depot, vehicle or driver specific.

FleetforensIQs TM provides aggregated & standardised information drawn from across the many different data streams to provide consistency, clarity & facilitate comparison, interrogation & benchmarking. Giving fleet managers what they want, when they want it and how they want it.

Benchmark your performance against CAP industry standards to identify and pinpoint scope for additional commercial and operational improvements.

Typical operational & financial savings can be significant. For one fleet alone in a 12 month period across a fleet of 400 vehicles we identified and delivered savings of £182,280.00

Give us your data. We will do the rest for you.

  • Avoid lengthy, costly and time consuming reviews without all of the legwork. Save time & resource.
  • Clear & detailed line by line interrogation and insight of your key metrics-at the press of a button.
  • Fleet wide or bespoke for all or any performance criteria: fuel profiling, driver profiling or any other performance metric.
  • Reduced administration. Increased data utilisation. Improved asset utilisation.
  • Single executive dashboard.
  • Standardise and harmonise your data for consistency, interrogation & comparison.


FleetForensIQs aggregates, interrogates and analyses all your telematics data across all platforms to provide a consolidated, concise & clear reporting dashboard.

Whether it be utilisation, safety, performance, telematics or camera data, whatever your criteria, we are able to provide fleet managers with clear, concise and simple to use ‘intelligence’, all at the press of a button saving fleets time, resource & money ensuring best use of all of your data, improving utilisation, safety and efficiencies.

With no up-front costs and a 90 day free trial
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