‘ForensIQs’ benchmarking

"If the plan does not work, change the plan, not the goal."


Zero cost risk free operational and financial benchmarking.

Fleets are under all kinds of pressure right now having to juggle cost reduction, sweat assets, park projects and at the same time mindful of the need to hit KPI's.

You have probably looked to benchmark and switch your own Utility providers to save you money so why not do the same with your Fleet costs?

Would you like a fresh pair of eyes to ensure that you are on the best deals? Are you looking to renew, replace or just want to benchmark? If you could reduce one key spend area which would it be? Let us do the legwork.

Stress test your suppliers. Comprehensive and completely independent review of the market to find the best deal across your fleet spend.
From researching the market, to identifying the lowest TCO we will do all the legwork.

From tyres to telematics, from build through to end of life value management, from fuel to SRM, servicing to accident management, sourcing through to decommissioning we manage the entire process through to delivery.

Forensically analyse your financial & operational performance as a business and against wider market place and against recognised industry levels. Simple. Slick. Save yourself thousands.

When was the last time you had time to benchmark your fleet spend? The market is continually evolving, what may have been the best deals may now no longer be the right one and much cheaper alternatives may be available.

Simple, quick and free of charge. Let us help you find the right solution.

What is the difference between Price & Cost?
"The price is the cost you pay if you do. The cost is the price you pay if you don't."

Let us help you benchmark all of your suppliers across a wide range of areas

Nothing to lose. Everything to gain

  • Grey fleet support
  • Logistics services
  • Maintenance management
  • Staffing reviews. Economies.
  • Supplier Management: tyres, service repair & maintenance, windscreens, batteries, vehicle hire.
  • Vehicle acquisition & disposal.
  • Vehicle rental - Short term or fixed term
  • Accident management
  • Corporate risk management.
  • Data management & aggregation.
  • Fleet administrative services
  • Fleet driver services
  • Fleet strategy & consultancy
  • Fuel cards

With no up-front costs and a 90 day free trial
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