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"While technology is important, it's what we do with it that truly matters."
Muhammad Yunnus.

For Reasons & Seasons TM

Often seen as the answer to every Fleet Managers problems telematics providers have at times been held in the same regard as PPI claims advisers. The telematics market is no longer a sellers' market. The market is increasingly sophisticated driven by individual client needs. It is no longer acceptable to offer a generic black box to different clients and different fleets. The telematics provider should be a solutions provider who change with the business as the business changes and the needs change.

Spoilt for choice or Hobsons choice?

In the main all telematics offer the same capabilities. There is very little difference between them indeed many are white labelled versions of the same solution. What sets telematics solutions apart is what is done with the data that is produced and again this tends to be standard fare too..

So much choice. So much similarity. Very little differentiation.

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Fundamental in our approach is that one size does not fit all: we have as many solutions as we have clients.

The client comes first not the black box and the best solution is the one that will meet not just the current but the future needs of the business.

The best telematics solution is one that understands, analyses, interprets and converts your data.

With over 500,000 units deployed in over 20 countries we are not simply a telematics provider but a solutions provider and connected solutions integration specialists.

We don't simply provide the data we take responsibility for it too. Gathering & providing data is the easy part.

We offer everything that you need and much more for a wide range of applications that is available in different flavours: hard wired, plug & play or app.

What sets us apart? A maverick among the many.

We are different to the mainstream providers, indeed we are mavericks, because our solution is different for several reasons. We offer a unique resource that no other manufacturer is able to offer.

  • A telematics solution that does not require a black box? No black box. No Installation. No VOR.
  • A telematics solution that gives you less not more? Less data. More intelligence.
  • A telematics solution that gives you more not less? More capability. Less cost.
  • A telematics system that no one has heard of but everyone uses?

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Telematics provides fleet managers with unparalleled information & insight. The challenge is for telematics to respond to the ever changing demands of the fleet industry and never more so than with the transition of fleets towards EV's.

Whether it be remote preventative and predictive maintenance, diagnostics, equipment usage monitoring, collision identification and FNOL, connected IDR (incident data recorder.) driver profiling, performance monitoring, safety monitoring, utilisation reports using real time data even keyless entry whatever the requirement there is a solution.

Our ‘Keeping you in charge TM' EV suite is in the vanguard of assisting fleets transition to EV's. It is simply ground-breaking and unrivalled that provides visibility of all the key metrics: current charge levels, vehicle ranges, EV driver performance monitoring and much more.

Keeping you in charge TM

The transition towards EV creates its own unique set of challenges for fleets and telematics providers:

  • Each make and model reports in different ways.
  • Vehicles are turned off while charging.
  • Charging auto disconnect once charged.
  • Many readings are parameter values.
  • There are different types of charging units with different power outputs.
  • Multiple measures (percentage left, distance left / range, kW, kWh).
  • Users say that vehicles are not charged when they want to use them.

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