What We Do

"Well done is better than well said." Benjamin Franklin.

What We Do

“If the plan does not work,
change the plan,
not the goal.”

"While technology is important,
it's what we do with it
that truly matters."

“Too much of something
can be as bad
as too little.”

FleetforensIQsTM identify & pinpoint opportunities for fleets to make financial and operational improvements using pioneering & leading edge data aggregating and benchmarking software.

Using our FleetforensIQsTM software, experienced engineers, cost accountants, procurement specialists & proven and emerging technologies we have saved fleets over £100million.

FleetforensIQs TM is able to analyse key financial & operational metrics ‘line by line to how a fleet is performing both financially & operationally: all at the touch of a button.

FleetforensIQs TM not only pinpoints the areas requiring change or improvement, FleetforensIQs TM identifies the solutions too.

Each solution is tailored to the individual business. Our findings & recommendations are exclusive to the individual business, they are drawn on intelligence & data that is specific to you, nothing less.

We have a very simple mantra: Judge us by what we do not by what we say. We won't simply tell you. We will show you.


Zero gain. Zero charge. Zero risk.


You can typically expect to save up to £1200 per vehicle and up to £3000 per van.


Zero up-front costs. Immediate impact.


Used by leading UK Fleets.


Drawing on over 25 years' experience in the transport and accountancy professions.

Solution Delivery

Quick & slick delivery and deployment.

With no up-front costs and a 90 day free trial
call us today to find out more.


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