Zero Cost

"The price is the cost you pay if you do, the cost is the price you pay if you don't."

What is the ‘Zero cost' plan? Where's the catch?

There is no catch:

Quite simply; Zero gain. Zero charge. Zero risk.

We offer a unique mans of funding that means for the most part costs clients nothing. There are no up-front fees or monthly invoices. Our charges are conditional on results. Zero gain. Zero charge. Zero risk.

If we do not add value we do not charge, we only draw fees from proven, measured and agreed operational or commercial savings.

Unless explicitly and specifically agreed otherwise our involvement will cost you nothing.

  • Client A. Identified and agreed revised terms for tyre provision. Savings 50%
  • Client B. Renegotiated revised call out charges. 50% savings.
  • Client C. Managed vehicle procurement process. Savings £5million.
  • Client D. Agreed revised terms on fuel card. Substantial fuel savings.
  • Client E. UK wide deployment of data aggregation software across fleet of 3-5,000. European deployment pending.

All the gain without the pain.

Operational & financial results based risk free improvement across your fleet.

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